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    Distro wanted for video jukebox

    I'm planning to put together a PC to use as an audio/video jukebox. I have a few spare parts lying around and want it to just pick videos or mp3s at random from my collection and play them.

    I'm wondering if there are any distros that are made for just this purpose. I've tried Movix, but I can't seem to find a random play function on Mplayer. It needs to be as small as possible, to leave maximum space on the HD for music.

    Failing that, are there any movie players that can play random videos?

    You may have noticed that my experience with programs/distros is pretty limited. But so far in my searches nothing seems to have provided a solution.

    Any suggestions?

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    I haven't used it, and it's probably not very small, but Aurox Linux is supposed to have great multimedia support.
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    Kaffeine is a front end for the xine engine. Comes with KDE, or it used to.

    For more info on the random function
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