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    ability to restart a game remotely

    I am jumbled on terminology so I am not sure what I am looking for.

    For those that play / host Minecraft, maybe you already know.

    I host a server at home. Once in a while it crashes and it is in need of stopping and restarting. I have to wait till I get home to do so since I presently launch and leave it run in a shell.
    I'd like to be able to log in remotely to the server and stop / start / restart the game.

    Is that a daemon?

    Would it go in init.d ( Suse )

    The game itself accepts the stop command to safely shutdown, but that would be another thing altogether I know.

    Someone give be a nudge in the right direction please?



    well, words finally came to me : for anyone else looking::
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    You could enable ssh on the server, poke a tunnel in your router/firewall to the server and ssh port, then connect using ssh, which will give you a command-line prompt on the server after you log in. If you do this, then make sure you have the latest patched sshd installed on your server for security reasons.
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    Thanks for the reply Rubberman.

    I do use ssh to remote in and launch. ssh really helps a lot for much of what I do on my school servers.
    It was the script and the arguments that throw me.
    I made my firewall a long time ago and only in the past 3 or 4 years did I move it into the init.d folder with, what I think is the correct header information to have it launch on boot. What it is called, what levels to run on and turn off on, etc.
    I use Suse, Yast > system > runlevel sees the script and it works fine.

    I did not know how to pass minecraft the stop command ( or others ) via the run script.
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    If the game is not starting check the resetting and reboot up if again trouble persists then again download the game or
    you can install the game again.

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