Hello. I'm running a Garry's Mod server on my CentOS 6. The server uses tmysql for the MySQL connection. For some reason, it fails to load or something like that.

The server itself starts just fine and runs, however, when anyone tries to connect, the console will give this error.
[gamemodes/cider/gamemode/core/libraries/sv_player.lua:585] attempt to index global 'tmysql' (a nil value)(Hook: PlayerInitialSpawn)
Where the line 585 looks like this.
tmysql.query("SELECT * FROM "..cider.configuration["MySQL Table"].." WHERE _UniqueID = "..uniqueID, function(result)
I've been trying to search for help regarding to this problem from the Facepunch which is the official Garry's Mod forums, but none of the users there seem to be able to help me. Hoping to get some answers from here. Thanks.