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    Video and/or codec problem?..

    Ok, i've been having this prob ever since started using Debian. Actually, same happens on any other distro, so i'd rather just say linux, i saw the same on SUSE.
    The problem is, when playing videos sometimes i get these shifting lines thing, which sometimes makes it uncomfortable to watch anything.
    That also depends on video motion. Looks like frames are being cut or some layers don't assemble correctly, i dunno. Here's a screen of what i get:

    I have to say at once: 1) It's regardless of my videocard, same happened on my intergrated ATI HD4200 and now i'm on Nvidia GT240 (that's exactly the reason why i've decided to use another video card, just to see if it's any different. 2) It's regardless of a video player, tried in VLC, SMPlayer, Totem - same thing, 3) It's regardless of video format, at least not that i've seen any difference playing several kinda things, DVD/mpeg-4, xvid etc etc... same thing. The only possible thing might be once again - my hardware in general. I've always had probs with audio mostly, but apparently video also kicks in a bit.
    And no, the screen doesn't look like that just because of a faulty screen capture, that's LITERALLY what i see, it's just thrice as faster moving, but i can still see some flashy shifting around my screen. Have to say also, that on ATI it looked kinda different a bit, but the same disturbing, no big difference. And in conclusion i'd have to add: no such thing on Windows. Checked it, couldn't track any disturbance, it's all smooth. One more thing, back on ATI i could tweak it a bit by enabling "anti-tearing" thing in ATI Control Center, that KINDA fixed it but yet made it work slow. Here in nvidia-settings i don't even see such option. Any ideas?..

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    Dismissed, it's compiz. Somehow it renders video stream differently whereas it actually should not. I turned it off - distortion has dissappeard. That basically means i must stop using compiz. But anyhow... SOLVED.

    * * *

    After fiddling around a bit i discovered a nice option in compiz that has actually fixed it too. So now i have no probs using compiz and watching the movies.

    So now... really SOLVED.
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