I have recently decided to jump back into XBMC. I currently have a minimal Arch installation and XBMC installed on a dedicated media box hooked up to the family room TV. The issue with this box is that it is completely propriatary and has no expansion room. Currently there is a 300GB SATA drive in this box. I have 4TB's of data in network on a Gentoo box(AKA my big box). I have messed around with samba and other protocols. I figured FTP would be an easy protocol to pull down data. However the way XBMC allows you to view these directories forces you to create a user and make the target directory the home directory for the user for XBMC to find the specific media. I was wanting to know everyones experiences and opinions on what the best route to take here. I am not fond of having 15 ftp user accounts on my personal box as well as having XBMC storing there login credintials in plain text. Any advice would be awesome work arounds for FTP or simply a better way to do this. Thanks in advance for the advice.