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    Demux plugin & .wmv

    Does anyone have any idea where I can find the demux plugin or some other way to get kaffeine to play wmvs? Every time I try to play one it just says xine error-No demux plugin. This is on suse 9.1 running kde

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    On top of this kaffeine won't play .movs. It gives me an error in qtmlClient.dll which I know for certain I have. It is in the directory where I have xine set to find all of the win32 dlls, and it is the xine-essentials pack. Why would it give me these problems? Has anyone else had a problem viewing movs or wmvs with xine/kaffeine?

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    they won't work either..

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    Then do yourself the favor of using MPlayer instead of Xine (MPlayer is one of the reasons I switched to Linux
    I know MPlayer supports wmv and mov files, so that should solve your problem.
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    ok then I have an additional question: are there any smaller gcc packages than 5gb because I don't have that much space and I need it to configure mplayer.

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    ??? gcc packages don't take 5GB... hell no single thing in linux does...
    just install the devel tools and headers from your distro cds, and you should be able to recompile it.

    If you just mean normal configurations, then just enter "man mplayer" for a listing of all the commands. You can make any of those settings permanent by adding them to the $HOME/.mplayer/config file
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    ok maybe the trouble I'm having is the installation process. Everything I'm running into requires that I compile and build the source and when I follow the instructions on the site it doesn't work right. Do you know of any rpms for mplayer?

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    where on earth do I get make?
    I cannot find it anywhere and apparently it's necessary to build and compile stuff. I get the feeling its supposed to come with the OS but I type it in konsole and it says command is not recognized.

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    What you (usualy) should be doing is untaring the file;

    cd {untared file directery}
    {type root password}
    make install
    post any errors you get

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