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    Question Horizontal black lines across screen when panning in games

    System: Fedora 16
    Installed: some 32 bit libraries I found necessary to get the games working
    alsa-pulseaudio backend

    I have run into this alot lately. I have intel hd integrated graphics and whenever i play flash / adobe air games I get random horizontal black lines almost like flickering on the screen or some background image pops through the foreground. This only happens when the screen is panning. This only happens running games locally. When I run flash from chrome on a website there is no issue.

    List of games with the issue:
    What Makes you Tick : A stitch in time
    The Clockwork Man
    The Clockwork Man 2

    A little more info:
    I'm using 64 bit linux but many of the games are 32 bit only
    I also have no problem with some other 2d games like super meatboy or Sword and Sworcery.

    I also noticed that many games run very slowly. Are the intel HD graphics really that bad on linux?

    The question is: Am I missing some sort of 32 bit library for these games? Or a driver of some sort? How can I get rid of the black lines going across the screen when panning?
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