First off I know this will be irritating, but this isn't a Linux issue. To be honest I'm posting here out of desperation. My logic is Linux users would be more adapt to getting at the depths of their OS, even when using non-Linux OS's

As my title states my issue is my d-pad on my Cyborg V.3 Rumble Pad doesn't recognize input when I press up-left, up-right, or any diagonal direction in Windows. I've tested it with several computers running both Windows XP and Windows 7 and it just won't work right. The freaking controller works fine in both Linux and Mac. Ironically the box says "Made for Windows".

I've used controllers on Windows that could use diagonal input before so I'm pretty sure this is a driver issue. I was thinking if there was someway to replace the driver with maybe another Windows one, or an open source driver made for Windows maybe I can bypass this issue.

I would just use it on my Mac but I have games that only run on Windows, and my Mac just isn't powerful enough to run those games through Wine.

Please help,
A desperate gamer