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    Video Editing Software Advice


    I have some .ts files, taken from HTPC, and I need to edit the adverts out.

    Is there any Linux software that could do not only correct any errors in the streams but is frame accurate and preserves the subtitles?

    Thanks v much.

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    Although I'm not sure what a .ts file is, there are many utilities out there to slice and dice video. The main problems are:

    1. Keeping the audio synchronized properly. Audio and video are in separate streams and need to be edited identically. This is very difficult to accomplish, in my experience. If you don't care about the audio stream, the job becomes much easier. Mplayer can dump the audio stream to a file and convert the entire video stream into individual jpgs. Pick the ones you want to keep, and then re-join them into a video stream. Edit the audio track with audacity or something, multiplex it back with the video with mplex. Much easier said than done correctly.

    2. Getting subtitles to pop up at the correct time is finicky at best. They can be extracted and edited easily.

    3. The massive amount of computing power required to edit anything larger than a few MB without maxxing your PC right out on each edit operation. I tried one program ('Lives') and it had my box flat to the metal the whole time, I never did get anything worthwhile accomplished. But you could try it out. It might be easier to use mpgsplit to chop the video chunk into small pieces and try editing them individually.

    Some tools that come to mind:

    and, of course, the myriad libraries that these tools require.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas.

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    Hi there.

    Avidemux does what you want with most formats (I'm not sure about *.ts).
    Also Projectx splits the video, sound and subtitles which you can then put back together with mplex (commandline) with appropriate offsets to ensure everything lines up.
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