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    In Need of a Detailed Unreal Tournament:GOTY Guide

    I have done half the work, I have successfully installed UT:GOTY, the sound works, it runs blazingly fast, which is precisely the problem, it runs ridiculiously fast..

    Now, I have read guides know the games timing method is a little dated and weird, and have looked into setting cpu frequencies and allocating one of my multiple cores to the game, because it is my understanding that the game would run normally if it was running on one core clocked at roughly 800MHz and with an fps cap of 200 or lower.. unfortunately none of the guides I have come across seem to be geared to complete linux noobs..

    So my question is it is possible to make some sort of script to launch the game under one core, set that core's speed to 800MHz, then have it switch back to normal when the game exits?

    If someone would please help me achieve my goal to get this working it would be much appreciated, and please explain in extreme detail if possible lol.. Thanks!

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    Nice post. But no idea about this.

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    Any luck with this one yet? Can you as well share how you got it to work in the first place? I am having a problem with the sound, beside being crazy fast that its almost not playable.

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