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    Audio CD playback not working correctly

    Hi all, hope this is in the right place

    Recently, i have been trying to play audio CDs via mplayer.

    If i play the whole CD, after a time (more than 1 track) the audio starts going what i can only describe as 'sputtery' and corrupted.

    If i play that 1 track on its own (cdda://12 ) the track plays fine.

    Another CD also does this, and both CDs are fine - they work perfectly in a windoze box and a hifi

    Googling hasn't brought anything up, so has anyone got any ideas?

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    What distro are you using. Have you installed any extra codec's installed, have you been able to play a hole cd in another player like vlc.

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    Distro is Linux Mint Debian Edition, with XFCE
    I have also tried vlc player with same results
    As for extra codecs, i'm not sure, but most audio files play

    As it will make it easier to refer to later, the CD(s) in question are in fact some Lord of the Rings soundtrack

    FotR and TTO are fine, until you get to around track 12 (45 min) where the sound starts breaking up and not wortking correctly, as if the disc is scratched
    However, TRotK is fine all the way through, perfect.
    Interestingly about this, TRotK is the only CD of the 3 that has an extra 'partition', i.e. has some extra files (a fancy flash web link, i believe) that is not part of the audio disc

    All 3 CDs work fine on a HiFi and a Windows PC and are not, as far as i can see, scratched in any way

    Is that better?

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    anyone got any ideas?

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