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    Looking for user friendly media pc distro

    Up front, I have broken etiquette and not taken the time to read previous posts. I know this is the cardinal sin and as such I apologize.

    I am in a situation. A very close friend has fallen for my (oh so classic) linux "media box". What they don't get is the part where it is a hacked up ubuntu with a half-assed XBMC, plus a dash of MythTV, a work around they can't understand to get HULU (it's an old ass box), and a remote that "magically" gets to Netflix (Roku box). I have already explained that the easiest way to get Netflix is the Roku and they are cool with that, in fact already done.

    My question is, what media center distro's will give them web, Hulu, their personal library, etc. with minimal support from me, and ease of use for them? This is a MS person who is used to being spoon fed.

    I thank all who reply. I just don't have the time I used have for playing. Also, if I am posting to the wrong thread please redirect me to the right one.


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    Hello and welcome!

    I've moved your thread to the Gaming/Multimedia/Entertainment forum, where it will hopefully get better attention.

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    Hulu Desktop is pretty much installable in any distro.

    Heck, I even installed it in Macpup puppy linux

    Hulu TV Hardkap

    (it's an old ass box
    After reading my links for minimal requirements. You might have to do some more explaining to your friend.
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    XMBC 12 has just had great reviews in Linux Format Magazine. I don't know if the commercial services such as Hulu will integrate with it though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by haegercp View Post
    This is a MS person who is used to being spoon fed.
    I would point them to a ZyXEL NSA310 ( shtml - copy & paste, delete the space before shtml; I can't post 'live links' yet).
    Google for the best price ... (I find them from $68 to $99).

    Add a 2TB 6Gb/s SATA drive to start with, say a WD20EARX, which is on its 'certified to work with' list on that page.
    I find those for $99 or less, too (e.g. newegg, if their website's behaving).

    You can hardly build a media server cheaper than that, no matter what OS it runs.
    Connect it to their LAN, configure with its web interface, start ripping and streaming.

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    Have not tried it yet, but openelec looks like it may be a good one to look at.
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    TBH, I think any distro can be used as a media distro. Practically all conventional distro can run the same software... All that's required is a little...configuration....
    I'd personally go for Ubtuntu or a Ubuntu ish project... why? mainly because I'm most comfortable with Ubuntu - it has brilliant support...

    However XMBC is the defacto for media desktops... I however haven't used it so can't recommend it... But it looks cool.

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