I have a complex problem regarding a music Jukebox which I wish to discuss with someone who is really into Linux music players (jukeboxes). Please contact me at merryoakparker@yahoo.com

My problem deals with trying to run JRivers Media Jukebox 8,400 on Linux Mint Debian Edition or to find a jukebox with very similar functions into which I may transfer my 10+k music files which are indexed by genre, artist, album, and title. Some of the details are complex and I will probably need to send you some of my mp3 files to help explain my problems.

Music Juiebox 8.400 can be found at JRivers Interact in the wiki under older versions. The download is free, easy, can be downloaded and opened in Linux, and will run for 30 days without purchasing a license.

I have been unable to find a comparable music jukebox which will run on Linux. I have MJ8 running, but it will not recognize my dvd/cd drive and has a couple of other problems. JRivers just offered, for the first time, a Mac version, but a Linux version is not yet on their horizon.
tlcmd (aka Dick)