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    Do i need a discreet video card?

    Hi all
    I am new to this forum but have been using Linux for many years.
    I am looking to purchase or build a new desktop pc and have been confused regarding video/graphics cards. My old pc has a pentium 4 HT and only the on-board graphics, which has been fine for video editing from miniDV camcorder, but i now have a 720p HD camera and rendering is painfully slow.
    My question is, is there any advantage in fitting a graphics card?, will this improve my rendering times as opposed to the i3 cpu/gpu and on board graphics?

    I don't intend to play games on the PC, i use kdenlive video editor, can this utilise the gpu on the graphics card for rendering?

    Thanks in advance

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    Get a current mid-range nVidia card, install the proprietary drivers, and use that. DO NOT use the default open source nouveau driver - it will not be satisfactory for video processing / editing.
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    No, and yes.

    No, because it doesn't appear that the software you use supports GPU offloading for encoding / processing work: Comparison of video editing software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    However, having a discrete GPU will improve overall performance of your system because otherwise the integrated chip will be tasked with displaying the video you are editing, which may be a little laggy and kill multi-tasking performance.

    But why not get the best of both worlds, and purchase an AMD A-series APU. Here's some marketing propaganda to support my position: - AMD A10-6800K Richland 4.1GHz (4.4GHz Turbo) Socket FM2 100W Quad-Core Desktop Processor - Black Edition AMD Radeon HD 8670D

    Don't be afraid to purchase one of the cheaper processors either. For what you'll spend on an intel OR video card alone, you could have both with AMD.

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