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    Image overlay on video?

    Hi All,
    So, I'm new to linux, I've always wanted to learn it but I finally have something I want to use it for, so it's time to learn.

    I know programming on a very basic level, but I think I'll be able to pick this up reasonably quick. I just need to be set in the right heading for this idea.

    What would be the recommended program/route to take if I wanted to do the following.

    I bought a Ras Pi + camera module.
    -I want to take the video in.
    --overlay an image (superimpose)
    ---and view it on a monitor.

    I saw there are programs like Kino (or maybe just ffmpeg??)and various others that I could use as a video editing software, however I'm looking more on the lines of having an instant display from the camera.

    Possibly just a script or something that will select my image to overlay, then begin capturing video. It doesn't need to save anywhere, just preview.

    Imagine if I had, let's say a picture of cross heirs, or a watermark or something, that I wanted to put over my video (live). That would be pretty simple right?

    I appreciate any help I can get!!!

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    RE: ffmpeg
    You can superimpose video with ffmpeg without any problems.
    See this for example: Overlaying video with ffmpeg - Stack Overflow
    I am not sure what do you mean by 'instant' display from the camera and whether it is video camera or camcoder (has recording device on it). Are you going to connect the camera to the computer and use the computer as a monitor of the camera?
    See the codecs of your video camera. If your media player on the computer supports any of these video formats you can watch the video 'instantly' on the computer.
    Usually the video camera has several options for video transmission. If you have PAL/Secam TV format for example you can watch this with the .mpg codec on the computer (and on any DVD player).

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    Thank you for your reply!
    As for the 'instant' display, I mean I just want to view what my camera is currently capturing. I don't want the video to save, then open it for viewing. Just preview it (with an image overlay).
    I'm going to look into the link you provided. Thank you for the help!

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    RE: I mean I just want to view what my camera is currently capturing
    This is called CCTV technology (closed-circuit television).
    Open your package installer ('Add/Remove Software' graphical interface option) and write there in the search box: zoneminder
    If you have the App in the repo list of your distro - install the package.
    If you don't have the App in the repo list write also in the search box of the Add/Remove Software: camera
    and install the packages concerned (if any).
    You may try also Google search: zoneminder fedora i686 .rpm (if your distro is Fedora for example, on 64-bit machine).
    If your package installer is not .rpm based write .deb or whatever you are using there.
    Try also Google search and on YouTube: CCTV linux

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