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    Suggestions for Online Music Store


    Before I switched to Linux I used Amazon to purchase and download music. Apparently Amazon no longer supports Linux. Does anyone have any suggestions for online music stores, who support Linux, aside from Google Play and Ubuntu One?

    I suppose I could always go the bittorent route, but I'd prefer to not.


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    Pandora is browser based. I just listen to the streams. But I think you can buy stuff there too? As far as amazon goes: Have you tried it in a wine browser? It may work there. Or you could set up a windows VM with shared folders to DL the music. What format does amazon use? If it is a generic format like mp3 then that will play just about anywhere. If it's some weird proprietary format you'll probably have to get a little hackety to get the files to play in *nix.

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    Amazon is using their cloud for everything now so you can play your purchased music from a web browser. The restriction I see with Linux is for download your music on Linux you can't select a bunch of tunes and hit download, on Linux you can only download one tune as a time, PIA.

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    Used to be some info around on setting up clamz and Banshee for downloading Amazon music.

    You might see if Pymazon will work for you.

    There is also an Add-on for FireFox called DownLoadThemAll (or similar) that should allow multidownload.

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    If you're looking for free music, Jamendo is the place to go. Otherwise, you could really use any online service like Google music or Amazon.

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