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    Morrowind on Mandrake

    Hi everyone,

    I just want to know has any one got The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind to work if so how. And are there any good rpgs out there that i can get my little keybord and mouce hands on.


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    I haven't tried, but if it works, Winex/cedega would be the ticket. Head over to to check it out. They have a free CVS version, but it's missing some stuff (due to copyrights - mostly CD-protections). You can get the full version for $15.

    If you're into RPGS, then Neverwinter Nights (bioware) is an excellent. It's based on the D&D 3E ruleset and runs natively on Linux.
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    If someone knows how to get it to work WITHOUT cedega, I'd love to know, since I kind of like the game, but my little brother sometimes insists I let him play it, but I refuse to reboot into windows just for one game.
    I'm really torn over World of Warcraft though- I really want to play it, but I refuse to boot windows just cause of one game. I have windows XP installed, although it doesn't look like XP at all on the surface (I like theming), but I really don't like booting into it. I keep it for emergency use only, like when I REALLY want to play some game RIGHT NOW, and it run in Wine.
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    I've successfully run Morrowind on SuSE 9.2 Pro with Cedega 4.1. Interestingly enough, it did *not* work with Cedega on my previous system (Athlon XP 2700+), but does work on my current system (AMD64 3200+). Cedega is a roll of the dice in my experience.
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