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    Having trouble getting Radeon 9800pro working

    I have Fedora Core 1. I had a Radeon 9000 and it worked fine. I recently upgraded to the 9800pro. When I started up linux it noticed that I no longer had the 9000 so i removed the configuration. It saw the 9800pro, so i clicked on the button for Fedora to configure it.

    Now it gets to the welcome screen (where it just says "Fedor") and hangs. What do I do? I dual boot with XP, so that is how I am able to post this. I am a Linux noob in most instances.


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    well, does it go to a blank screen? or does it just hang? and is the graphical boot, or is it just the black screen with the text? if it is a graphical boot, chances are you could disable that and boot up just fine. problem is, i forget how to bypass that and load just console... so if anyone could tell him how to do that, i am sure it would be appreciated .

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    It just hangs at the Fedora screen. I am running a graphical boot.

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