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    How do I convert MOV to WAV?

    What's a quick way of extracting the sound from a MOV video file to a WAV audio file? I can't work out how to do it in OpenShot, if indeed there is a way. I did a search and found some instructions (several years old) for doing it in MPlayer, but the commands they gave seem to be out of date, and I don't know enough about video (read: next to nothing!) to understand MPlayer's documentation. Help would be much appreciated, please.

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    Belay that. When I double-checked, I found that a WAV file had, in fct , appeared in the directory and I'd overlooked it the first time. Evidently one of the commands that had resulted in an error message saying it hadn't worked had in fact worked. I found outby trial and error which one it was and have successfully processsed all the MOV files.

    In case anyone else who's wondering how to do it sees this thread, the magic words are:
    mplayer filename.MOV -ao pcm -ao pcm:file=filename.wav
    -ao means "audio output", I gather, and pcm is one of the possible audio outputs, with alsa and pulse being among the others - pcm is the "write to file" output, which means, by the way, that you won't hear any sound while it's playing the file and sAVING THE audio, but it will be there all right when you try out the resulting WAV file - at least, it was for me.

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