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    Question Ugly Bass Sound. How to Configure?

    The bass in all my music sounds bad (like a thudding speaker malfunction, not very musical) no matter which player I use. I've tried fiddling with equalizers, but that doesn't seem to help; it just makes the base louder or softer. The rest of the music sounds fine.

    I mainly use Pragha to play music. I've tried switching the audio sink to oss, but I get the error "Could not open audio device for playback" despite my having installed alsa-oss. I've also tried switching the sink to "pulse" (presumably pulseaudio) but I get the error "Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in." I have the base, good, bad, and ugly plugins (and pulseaudio and pulseaudio-alsa) installed.

    I don't know what's causing this, but I noticed it almost immediately after I upgraded to Debian 9. I'm now using Hyperbola (Arch-based), which I installed on my laptop's other partition after the Debian upgrade, and the problem persists.

    What do I need to configure to change the bass? How can I figure out whether the problem is my hardware?

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    Well, you could try plugging in a different speaker or headphones to see if that sounds better. If it does, yet the problem started after you upgraded your operating system (if that's not just a coincidence), maybe it's a driver issue? Maybe the driver for your speaker got trodden on while Debian 9 was installing, and updating the driver would help if you can work out what make your speakers are and find the manufacturer's website? (I'm assuming it's internal speakers we're talking about, since you said laptop.)

    Maybe it would also be worth posting this in the Debian section of the forum, or Debian's own support forum if it has one, and see if anyone else has had this problem when they upgraded to 9 and if so whether any of them have fixed it yet.

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