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    audio: cd to /home/

    normaly i don't use any sold audio cds but ive got a new one
    i can get totem to run the cd but i want to save the files to my
    hard drive but when i try to mount it i get...
    Could not mount device.
    The reported error was:
    /dev/sr0: Input/output error
    mount: /dev/sr0: can't read superblock
    and i can't see the files with anything and have no idea
    whet to do

    im using mandrake 10.1 com with KDE 3.2
    the cd drive is external if that means anything

    thanks g

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    AudioCD cannot be mounted, this forums display NUMEROUS post regarding the same issue.

    you will need a ripping application for your cd to get into your HD in ".mp3" another audion format

    here's a tutorial on ripping audio cd's
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    i know asking the same questions again and agian must get anoying
    but when youre looking for a quick anser and you not sure what is realy
    going on (never looked in to audio cds before) so i don't know what to serch for
    real thank

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