Okay, I was able to play freedroid with no problem without my fglrx drivers installed (aside from the fact that i got a whoping 4 fps) but since then, it starts to load it, then it crashes, and my resolution remains to be like a magnifying glass that is 640x480 on a background with the resolution 1280x1024. When I try to run freedroidRPG in console, i get this error:
[daniel@localhost ~]$ freedroidRPG
This seems to be a 'stable' release, so no exit on floating point exceptions.
-Signal Handling------------------------------------------------------
Setting up signal handlers for internal backtrace:
Now catching SIGSEGV: YES
Now catching FPE (if raised, that is!): YES

Video system type: x11.
Using screen resolution 640 x 480.
Testing if color depth 32 bits is available... YES.

video mode set (bpp=32 RGBA=8888 depth=24)
Vendor : ATI Technologies Inc.
Renderer : RADEON 9800 Pro Generic
Version : 1.3.4769 (X4.3.0-8.8.25)

*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x087b31a0 ***
any help would be appreciated.