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    Steam on fedora core 3?

    I recently installed fc3 on my computer and was wondering if i can play steam games (half life, half life2 +mods) on this computer. is it possible?

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    Serve games like this? Hell yeah. Valve loves to write server software for Linux so their customers can play on stable, fast servers.

    Play games like this? See Cedega.

    It's a sad, unfortunate fact that companies like Valve choose only to write the server code for Linux and not the client as well. Companies like Epic (UT series) and Bioware have been cool and written Linux clients, but nothing like that will you see from Valve or Blizzard...
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    that ticks me off too b/c i have fedora core and i refuse to use windows because I HATE MICROSOFT their an evil corp. and yet i cant play my fav game...

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    It's worth it tho...

    Cedega is worth it (in my opinion). Lots of people on Cedega's forums complain about it's problems but it really doesn't have half as many as it sounds like.

    True, not all games work, but the best ones usually do due to popular demand.

    IE- HalfLife, HalfLife2, Diablo2 (sadly, not the original Diablo tho...), HomeWorld, WarcraftIII, WoW, etc... All work great.

    Just make sure you've got an NVidia card...

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