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Thread: game processes

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    game processes

    What would be the best way to let a game run as well as the system will let it, as in windows I could run the games at high priority to make them run smoother. Can I run them without the x system? Im working with Doom3 in perticular. Also is there any priority setup within linux? Sorry for the noobishness, but I dont know how to RTFM!

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    Perhaps you can try screen. It's a common utility that comes with Slackware (I'm not so sure on other distros). I believe it allows you to have virtual windows on the console, which you can run x apps in. I wonder if you used one big screen to run Doom3, if that might help boost performance a bit.

    Hope that helps.

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    Would there be a way to start up the video driver as well?
    It says it cant start the gl system.

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    You got me. Maybe some one else can help with that.

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