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Thread: ati drivers

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    ati drivers


    Dose anyone know how to install the drives for ati graphics.

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    I really wouldn't recommend installing the ATI drivers, I've tried them, and they suck, that's just my opinion, but if you want to try them, you can download them from, here is a link to the radeon rpm itself. You can install it with the command:
    rpm -i fglrx_6_8_0-8.10-19-1.i386.rpm
    and then run:
    ^^I think that's the right command, it should tell you what command to run though after it unpacks and installs the rpm. This command will run the ATI configuration utility, just answer the questions, and it should create a new xorg.conf file, though, again, the configuration file it outputs isn't very stable, and at least in my opinion sucks, though you do need to use some of the proprietary configuration options it uses, so if you want to use your xorg.conf file you do need to cut and paste those options into the Device section of your old xorg.conf file. I hope this helps you.

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    I tried installing the driver and the screen ended up being huge. I'm guessing that I enabled "Big Desktop" or something. I also had some problems with my mouse so I just abandoned the whole thing. I don't play a lot of games in Linux so it just wasn't worth it.

    You can get the lastest version of the ATI driver from here:

    Does anyone know if you can configure Yast to install the driver from the URL above? Is it even possible or do you have to manually install the driver?

    Has anyone found any good HOWTOs for installing the latest ATI driver on Suse 9.2?

    The best I could find is a HOWTO for the previous driver version:

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