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    Copying DVDs on Fedora?

    When I was using Windows, I had "DVD Shrink", which put a DVD into an ISO file.

    Is there a tool that can do this, on Fedora?
    Also, is there software to burn ISOs, back to DVD-Rs?

    Sorry if this question has been asked already

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    use mkisofs, its builtin in most cases.

    use the following command :

    $ mkisofs -joliet -rock -quiet -no-bak -o <path of ISO file to be created> <path of directory or dvdrom mount point>

    for e.g.,
    $ mkisofs -joliet -rock -quiet -no-bak -o /home/prosen/new.iso /mnt/dvdrom

    If you use KDE, go to , there search in the Service menu sections for mountiso , download and install it, this will add entries to your right click context menus for creating ISOs, mounting them , etc.

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    Check out dvd+rw-tools and dvdrtools. I can't speak from experience, but they should support such things since cdrtools does for CDRW's.
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    I think you can find everything you're looking for in k3b

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    yeah i like k3b too, but if your using ext2 then i think the max filesize is 2GB

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    dvd copying under linux. (fedora core 3)

    Hi. I find a mixture of k3rb and dvdshrink work wonders.

    Use k3rb to copy the dvd to .iso format (or mkisofs )

    Then I use dvdshrink with wine. DVDShrink doesn't read my cdrom or the file system but will let me open an .iso file. (File - open disc image).

    I then can save that to the file system (weird) and burn it with k3rb.

    I will be experimenting with dvdbackup which seems nice.

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