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Thread: k3b Issue

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    I have a similar problem

    I install k3b 0.11.20 pcxz from with package installation tool (Slackware 10.1) .

    I was loged in as user when I install ... package install tool ask me for root password and after that installation was OK

    After installation I have a new option k3b setup 2 (loged in as user) in the system menu ... I select this option ... he ask me for root password ... I type the root password and I push OK .... and program don't start. I repeat the operation with the same result

    If I'm loged in as root k3b works OK ...
    In my case k3b works only if I'm loged in as root ...
    Is that OK ? ... I mean, is a correct behaviour ?
    Can I use k3b as user, typing root password?

    thank you very much for your help

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    Please don't hijack threads. In all reality, your post is more likely to be answered if it's a new thread. If you find something that's similar to your problem, link it in your post.

    Here is the thread from which I split this.

    You should be able to use su or sudo to execute k3b with root permissions, but that's not the best solution. You should be able to run k3b as user. Can you post the exact error that you are given when trying to run as user?
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    The problem was that when I try to run k3bsetup 2 (after installation) as user the program don't start and don't dispaly any error. As root this option was not in the menu .
    Finaly I solv the problem ... I run k3bsetup 2 as root and I choose to allow all user from a group to use k3b ... I put my user and root in this group. After that I think the configuration was finished. I login back as user and I put a new option in the menu (DVD-CD-Writer-k3b) and I associate the k3b command to this option. I choose to run this option as root.
    Now when I select from menu the option DVD-CD-Writer-k3b from menu , he ask me for root password and kb3 works OK.
    Next step will be to use k3b as simply user. I will tray to do that in the near future (when I have somme time).

    I think k3b is an very good program and Slackware 10.1 is a very good operating system. Is the first time when I use Slackware and I'm glad.

    Thank you for intention to help me

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