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Thread: Games for Linux

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    Maybe. Check with Http:// to get a somewhat decesnt list of what programs that run or not. Also, search for your game at to see if Transgaming has had some progress with it.

    Ps: When referring to the whole operativesystem, you should refer to it as "GNU/Linux". Read why here

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    What about BSD no one anwsered about that check my post above...

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    Re: BSD

    Quote Originally Posted by envisi0n
    What about BSD no one anwsered about that check my post above...
    BSD is more UNIX like, not as user friendly etc. BSD is considered even more stable in general than linux, and is really used in server situations.


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    i have a OpenBSD cd and i cant seem to get it to even boot but i am still reading up on it and seeing what im doing wrong but after i get it up and running i will let you know how it goes and alittle more about what i think of it.
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    I still keep windows for this reason. I just find it much simpler to play the games in their native environment than using things like wine and such.

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    Darwinia just an amazing game. There's a Linux version!
    The Linux version runs faster on my 64bit chip pc than the window equivilant, coz XP hasn't got 64bit support

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    Quote Originally Posted by kriss
    Check out and
    The last one is specially made for handling games. It even has DirectX support.
    But there was a company who ported a lot of games to GNU/Linux, called Loki. (
    I have found a couple sites that sell linux versions of some popular (but sometimes old) games. Basicly from what I can see is some developers decide to release some of their older games to other devs who do ports....
    Tux Games is one. Linux Game Publishing (lpg) is another of the top of my head

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    I have the feeling that everyone is disappointed that there aren't many commerical quality games out the for linux, but that's not what the platform seems to be best for. What I would like to see is indie developers taking avantage of the basic lack of games for linux. What we have is basically a drought. Any decent game, not necessarily a free one, (in either sense) given the attention of a fulltime development team would be easily rewarded, because of the lack of competition.

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    there are a few on too, they port to linux.

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    Right. Generally I use a windows box for my gaming. It's pretty much a behemoth of a system, so the resource hungry nature of Windows doesn't really effect it. I tend to use Linux on my older machines that can't provide the resources that Windows wants.

    As for the lack of games, it's probably because Windows is much more widely used by people than Linux is. Which is really too bad, but you can't do much about that.

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