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    Movie Cataloging software tips wanted

    Does anyone have any tips on linux software that
    I can use for cataloging my Movies and TV shows?

    I have
    * Several shows on one disc
    * One movie split on several discs/files

    The software should preferrably not not require SQL or a running webserver.

    I want to be able to query on, for example
    "Tell me on which discs my Season one episodes of series XX are located"

    Simple to use is IMPORTANT.
    (I do not want to write SQL-select statements )

    If you know a *really* good software that uses SQL I guess I might
    be interested in that as well.


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    Why not just use OOo Calc? It'll be just a simple spreadsheet, but from the sounds of it that might be enough.

    Another option is to write a bash/perl script to interact with a CVS file. I think what you want is a classic adaptation of everyone's first scripting assignment (you know, like an address book or in my case, a CD cataloge).

    For something a little more robust, there's a *very* nice and user freindly front end to mysql called knoda, but again, that's a db.
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    Well for my TV series, ( I am kinda Smallville and Apprentice fan .. )
    I use a verry verry simple Java software called CDKeeper. It does all the basic functionalities that you need. I googled on this sometime back, and found that softwares like these on linux are mostly based on Java or MySQL, since I am not much experienced in MySQL as I am in java, so I use CDKeeper, you can always download something based on MySQL, since thats what you prefer it seems ..

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    jeremy1701: Personally, I prefer 24 and simpsons

    Thanks for the tips. keep 'em coming...

    Does CDKeeper have searchable comments per file? I think
    I would need that...

    I originally considerd using a spreadsheet, but I figured that there may be a good application out there.. After several exhausting hours of googling, I came to the conclution as well, that the most mature applications use SQL and very often a web server.

    Java is not a problem. I only need to install it (which is already done), not program it, I suppose.

    I am dreading setting up a db on my system, and I don't want a web server running in the background. But if the MySQL installation is simple, I might give it a try. Any pointers to a good "setting up MySQL" howto?


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    >jeremy1701: Personally, I prefer 24 and simpsons

    that was for prosen...

    /[needs a sig]

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    I guess this link should be good enoygh for you :

    Bookmark this site , its damn good a site for linux networking, I solve most of my n/w problems ( including setting up ftp, mail-server etc. ) from this site only ...
    Hope this helps ..

    P.S. : ya .. theres a description field for every file/directory in CDKeeper,
    you can add descriptions, and then search using them .. I just checked now ..

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    ohh .. btw .. I forgot to mention .. 24 is also one of my favorites,
    right after Smallville and Apprentice.

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