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    Mandrake and gaming question

    I was thinking about installing Mandrake 10.1. I've never used Linux before, and am tired of windows. Is there an advantage to gaming using Linux? Will the game run any better? or am I just using wishfull thinking

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    well, if you mean games designed for the windows os, then you may see some slowdown, depending on your system, because you have to run windows programs through other emulators, lookup wine or cedega for games. There are also though, many games designed for linux, many of which are free, also some windows games have been ported to linux so they will run natively.
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    Thanks for the reply. Makes sense that games designed for Windows will run better on windows but how about games designed for both like you mentioned?

    UT2004 is for both and I know hardware makes a difference but if you have two machines identical running UT2k4 how much if any would Linux make?

    I have other reasons for wanting Linux besides the game feature, but I'm trying to get a picture if i should duel boot or not for gaming aspect.

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    IIRC naitve/ported linux games such as UT run better in Linux than in Windows.

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    This website offers installers for several native and non-native (WINE/Cedega) games that you can run in Linux. Some ones that are available native, just off the top of my head are Quake 1-3, Doom 1-3, UT, UT2003, UT2004, and Neverwinter Nights.
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    Best distro for runnning games on is probably mandrake or fc3, because it's real easy to get the nvidia drivers setup, for cedega, any..probably better with a system which doesnt require pthreads, so mandrake is the best one for newbies. I wouldnt bother with windows games and linux to be honest Ive had too much bad luck with counter-strike and cedega...5 fps..
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