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    moving screen default location for MPlayer

    mplayer launches right in the center of my screeen, i figured out how to resize it by using the zoom options. i listen to them while at work so i move the mplayer screen to the lover hand corner of my screen, but when im playing mpgs from a playlist, as soon as the next song begins to play it mplayer moves back to the center. is there a setting i can add to the .config file or any other file to make it stay on a particular location or change its default start up location?

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    I assume you mean mp3's, not mpg's. If that is the case, I would recommend using an mp3 player (though mplayer still does suffice for some of us). Most people would recommend XMMS as a good mp3 player - I'd have to agree. No more annoying popup crap. I mean, mplayer is a movie player, so it expects that you would want the main screen (which displays movies) to be in the center. Otherwise, what would be the point of watching a movie without the video?

    Alternatively, you can launch mplayer from a terminal window and just minimize the window. I'd imagine the syntax would be something like:
    mplayer <file1>.mp3 <file2>.mp3 <file3>.mp3
    etc. But using XMMS will probably be the best solution.

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    yeah instead of playing mp3's i play mpg's of the music videos, yes, it makes sence to play a movie in the midle of the screen, but since getting the gui version to work on rh9 is becoming a pain in the butt, im trying to get this to work at least with a playlist. xmms would be a good solution if it wasnt because redhat has it disable even tho the package is there... mp3 support has been disable due to patent licensing hat inc..blah blah blah....yeah my thoughts exaclty..WHAT THE HELL?

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    There are rpms out there that'll get around that mp3 thing. I think this will work, but if it's the wrong one just google around till you find the right one:

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    Thanks alot! that fixed my issues with xmms and mp3's on rh9.

    now i have to figure out how to get gmplayer to stay on one sure there is a way and someone out there knows how to..heck if microsoft got that figure out with wm player im sure its not hard to get it done on gmplayer

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    well .. I am having the same problem in MPlayer 1.0-pre6 ..

    that is ,, its not remembering the Video O/P screen position ..

    However , this was not the case in the previous versions. I used 1.0-pre2 until 3 weeks back, and it was peaceful, in terms of screen positions ...

    I guess this is a bug in the new version ( 1.0-pre6 ) only, we may have to wait until the next release ( I highly doubt that , since mplayer site is soon going to be closed down .. some license and patent probs have cropped up .. ) .. or sumone will have to work this out .. if there is a way to specify the screen position the mplayer config files ..

    Eagerly awaiting a soln ..

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