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    I don't normally display my ignorance but on this occasion..

    Okay, I've got my Mandrake Linux 10.1 installed (but I still have a few problems with the laptop config) and I thought okay, I'm going to the house in France for Easter so I want a couple of games to entertain myself with so I'll download some games for Linux.

    So I go to a website and see a game I want and try to download it and it seems to download fine and is in a file on my desktop (sorry for the terminology here but I am a newbie so I am still using the dreaded "M" words) and it comes up with something like 'Open with' and it takes me a little while to trawl through everything and then I figure I don't know what I'm doing anyway so if worse comes to worst, I'll simply uninstall it. So I type in 'play games' and the machine still doesn't want to know.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Also, I've just gone on to broadband and I'm using a router. Is there any particular config I need to be using?

    Also, when I get to France this week, all I've got there is a dial up connection and I'll have to install the dial up for wanadoo or tiscali once I'm there. I am only ever there for about a week or so at a time (except during the summer when I'm there for 6 - 9 weeks) so we don't bother with broadband there. I won't have any other computers so if anyone can help me by alerting me to anything I might have a problem with, I'd appreciate it.

    And then everything should be stable and I can start installing Mandrake Linux on my other pc's.

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    What kind of file extention does the downloaded file have?

    You might want to read on how to install software in linux.

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