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    Installing Quake2 on Ubuntu...It won't run!

    I'm trying to install Quake2 on Ubuntu 5.04 (debian based).

    I'm following the "Linux Quake HOWTO" pretty much line for line and everything goes smoothly until I get to running the actual program using

    I get the error ./quake2: No such file or directory

    but I can see it right there so I know it exists. I am in the correct directory and cannot get it to run either as root or otherwise. Also, my GL renderer is working properly.

    1) Create the installation directory to be "/usr/local/games/quake2"
    2) Copied the entire contents of the /Install/Data folder from my Quake2 cd into the installation directory
    3) Downloaded the libc5 tar.gz linux quake file from idsoftware
    4) I untarred the above linux binaries to my "/usr/local/games/quake2" directory as root
    5) I created a "quake2.conf" file using:

    su root
    cd /usr/local/games/quake2
    pwd > /etc/quake2.conf
    chmod 644 /etc/quake2.conf

    6) at this point when I run

    cd /usr/local/games/quake2

    I get the error "./quake2: No such file or directory" but doing ls I can see the quake2 linux executable is there!

    Any ideas I'd like to hear...thanks

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    I am having the same problem only I am trying to run Quake 1. Another user pointed me to Loki's page:

    Appears there are some other installers there for Quake 2.

    You could also try adding your quake2 directory to your path as such:


    Although this didn't work for me...logging out and back in again should remove the PATH append.

    If you come up with anything let me know, I will do likewise.

    Good Luck!

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    Loki installers

    I installed Quake 2 with Loki installer ( here ), and got it working easily though I had some problems with GL, but now it works too.

    With Quake 1 I used Loki installer too ( here ) and it worked like a charm.

    If nothing else works, try these. I can post more info how I got them working once I get back to my computer.

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