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    Counter-Strike with Wine

    i installed the counter strike with wine.. but i cant play it..when i run counter it says i must adjust my screen 16 bit... but i cant do..

    there may be another problem.. can u help me ??

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    when u say u installed counter strike, do u mean counter strike doesn't load, or did u try doing it with Steam? I have got cedega and steam runs flawlessly (apart from mouse jumping, but that's my mouse) under cedega.
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    maybe you can help me then.. i have cedega 4.3-1 and first i could not get counterstrike to load.. (when steam was trying to dling cs to install it just sat there)so instead i just copied over my windows install into linux.. now i loads.. but i get like well it is so slow it is unplayable.

    i start steam like this

    "cedega steam.exe"

    is there command line options to make it run faster perhaps?
    thanks in advance

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    i think my problem is about my grafic card...


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    You probably need to install the nvidia drivers if that's your card.

    Ive never got counter-strike to work right in cedega, on every distro low, and I mean low fps. Getting about 5fps in de_aztec lol.

    Oh yeah, Ive tried the pgrep wineserver **** and it doesnt work.

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    when i start it like that (i dont know if this will help or what it does) I get a warning about pthreads, so i start steam with:

    cedega -use-pthreads no STEAM.exe
    and it works fine.

    Also if you haven't installed ur graphics card drivers, that will help
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    i got cs working, BUT ONLY WITH GIGA-LOAD OF HEADACHES AND ETERNAL PAIN!!! basicly what you need it to somehow get wine installed on your system. that can sometimes be the hardest part of all. i remeber with fc2 how the rpms would never do what htey are suspose to do. and compiling anything on fc2 was a 50/50 chance of working or not. but now with gentoo the installation was very simple. but after that you may have a heartbreaking journy out infront of you. you will need to get side-net. its a little installer for neccissary windows programs you will need. but it wont install with the march release of wine, you will need februaries for that. also befor the install you may want to serch for dcom 98 and the microsoft installer for certain things that im not shure which but seem to be necciary for other certian thing of whivh i am not certain. sory, if its confusing but its what i found my self spending weeks on. (if windows media player fails to install then its ok, it for some reason will still work but i had problems with the actual installer when not trying to install it ) once that is done you will need to make shure these lines are in your wine config.

    "mshtml" = "native, builtin" ;could crash steam
    "oleacc" = "builtin, native"
    "oleaut32" = "builtin, native"
    "ole" = "builtin, native"
    "ole32" = "builtin, native"
    "crypt32" = "native, builtin"
    "comdlg32" = "builtin, native"
    "msvcrt" = "native, builtin"
    "shlwapi" = "native, builtin"
    "shdocvw" = "native, builtin"
    "shfolder" = "native, builtin"
    "shell" = "builtin, native"
    "wininet" = "native, builtin"
    "urlmon" = "native, builtin"
    "ole" = "native, builtin"
    "comctl32" = "builtin, native"
    "ws2_32" = "builtin, native"
    "*" = "native, builtin"

    "Desktop" = "800x600"
    "Managed" = "N"

    "Desktop" = "800x600" ;for window problems
    "PerfectGraphics" = "N" ;optimization to get more frames
    "ClientSideWithCore" = "N" ;optimization to get more frames
    "ClientSideWithRender" = "Y"
    "ClientSideAntiAliasWithRender" = "N"
    "ClientSideAntiAliasWithCore" = "N"
    "DXGrab" = "Y"
    "DesktopDoubleBuffered" = "N"
    ; Allow the window manager to manage created windows

    "shdocvw" = "native, builtin"
    "shlwapi" = "native, builtin"

    these will make steam work right and get cs to display in a window (which i would recommend you stick with. also steam will be in a black box which isneccisary to give it acces you your keyboard. (when i say make steam work, i dont actualy mean its gunna work great, but you will be able to connect to servers... eventualy ) also dont try and do anything that brings up an internal web page or anything like that, for instance there litle brows titles page. the first time you do, it will work right, but try again or change the page and wine wil freeze. and its realy hard to drink frozen wine now isnt it.) also, i reccomment swiching to you steam directory with a terminal-emulator and then type

    wine steam.exe

    that will let you easily just close the terminal when wine freezes. (notice how i say "when" instead of "if")

    it should work fine then so long as you tell cs to use open gl mode and dont mess with the screen resulution in game.

    sorry if i have scared you with all this. also sorry if you find some way easier way to do it that make me typing this compleatly useless. also, it could just be easier to use cedega.

    hope this helps you.
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