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Thread: Spumux issues

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    Spumux issues

    Hi all,

    Has anyone here tried to author DVDs using dvdauthor? I've been attempting to create graphical buttons for a DVD, and I've followed the instructions in various places like: and

    but I'm getting a weird error with spumux. Here's the spumux xml file:


    The png files for the image and highlight attributes are indexed with 4 colors, as recommended. However, when I attempt to use spumux with:

    mplex -f 8 -o /dev/stdout weddingvideo.m2v alison.mp2 | spumux -v 2 weddingvideo.xml > weddingvideo.mpg

    I get the following result from spumux:

    INFO: PNG had 4 colors
    INFO: PNG had 4 colors
    INFO: Constructing blank sel
    INFO: Autodetect 0 = 85x367-298x434
    INFO: Autodetect 1 = 434x368-647x435
    INFO: Pickbuttongroups, success with 1 groups, useimg=0
    spumux: subgen-image.c:726: imgfix: Assertion `useimg' failed.

    Does anyone have any idea why this would happen?


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