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    well, since nobody's really answered the question bout cedega:

    It works alright with some games, and not alright with others. It really depends on the game.

    Of what i've tried, these work very well:
    Homeworld Cataclysm
    Half Life
    Diablo 2

    These work OK (sometimes):
    Dungeon Siege

    These don't:
    Homeworld GOTY (The Non GOTY is reported to work, but I can't seem to get my version to work...)
    Any Mechwarior game.

    For a pretty reliable list go to, then find the thread "Unofficial Transgaming Wiki" (something like that) in the Cedega General Forum. It's got a good listing of games that do and don't work, and is IMHO better than the official TG list.

    Half Life kicks ASS in cedega.

    Half life 2 I have yet to spend $50 on to find out. Some say it kicks ass, blowin windows out of the water, some say it's on par with windows, and others can't even get it installed...

    They all agree- don't bother if you have an ATI card tho. NVidia is the way to go if you're even thinking about playing windows games in linux.

    If you want: go to

    this site has pretty much every native linux game out there, sadly most still cost the same amount as they did when they were released, even if they're over 5 years old...

    Hope All that helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by afroguy013
    It works alright with some games, and not alright with others. It really depends on the game.
    I would argue that it also depends on the individual's computer, because I've had some systems that simply refuse to play *any* games with Cedega, regardless of what rating they have. Other systems seem to be able to play any game known to man. What game is certainly a factor, but not the only one.
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    It was ID who announced they would release Doom 3 for Linux

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