Whenever I shut down Amarok, there's this sneaky little file left behind. If I

ps aux | grep -c amarok
I get 2. One of the grep (which should be there) and the other is some tmp file called socket.tmp or something similar. Thing is, if I start and then stop another Amarok session, I'll get 3, then if I do again, I get 4, etc... (however, if I let it go for a [seemingly random] period of time, they start to kill themselves, all but the last one never goes away) Is this the infamous memory leak I keep hearing about from Amarok? I updated (using MCC, not the latest tar-ball) but I still have this problem. Supposedley the memory leak had been fixed, but I wonder if it isn't.

I can't get ride of the last running process using killall amarok. I have to kill -9 PID.
Anyone else have this problem?