I don't know what happend, my Creative Zen Touch was working perfectly with the gnomad2 .deb Package until yesterday evening (meaning i still have to do the chmod a+rwx -R /proc/bus/usb), when I suddenly couldn't send any tracks to the jukebox anymore. So I restarted gnomad2, but when I looked at the Playlist section, it was empty. They where still listed, when you wanted to send a track, but that wouldn't work. I got the message (already the first time):

njb3_get_disk_usage: short read on USB data pipe
NJB_Send_Track: transfer request denied
I rebooted the system and upgraded from 2.5.0 to 2.6.3.
But it still wont work.

My Op System is debian linux, kernel and now gnomad2 2.6.3.
What could be the matter?