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Thread: Need help asap

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    Need help asap

    yes im using a new distro which was just released
    named (qilinux) and there is not much support for it
    However... i believe this problem can be fixed as this distro is extremely similar to most

    my sound works in general but there has been one minor problem
    after downloading and running America's Army there has been one error

    open /dev/[sound/]dsp: No such file or directory

    after a bit of research and searching through random forum entries i have gathered that /dev/sound/dsp should contain a symbolic link to the location of my sound etc of course i know to make a symbolic link but im stumped as to where im meant to link this too (as most distros do this for you)

    i was wondering which commands i should perform in relation to giving the correct information in case someone should be able to help me,

    any help would be greatly appreciated
    thnx in advance for ne help posted

    exeqt 05'

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    You might want to try /dev/audio or /dev/dsp.

    As a side note, try making your post subject more specific so that we can answer your question faster.

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    I am sorry that I wasn't specific enough (although i tried)
    my friend has given me a command in which now the error device is busy etc, i do not know how to fix this as im new to having sound errors etc

    If anybody can possibly help PLEASE post questions and i shall glady answer them as best as I can if it can help me get this working

    exeqt 05'

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