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    Could someone get me a...

    Directory/walk through for using cedega (thats not linked through transgaming;s site)

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    Open a terminal and type in "cedega" + the location and name of the app, for example if your exe-file is in /home/testuser/files/ and called "test.exe", do this:
    cd /home/testuser/files/
    cedega test.exe

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    ok, i'll start from the very beginning to make it nice and easy:

    Unzip the package/RPM/Whatever you use to get Cedega. Once that's done, put your favorite game in the cdrom.

    next do this:

    $cd /mnt/cdrom;ls (or whatever you call yours)

    This will bring up a list of different files on the cd.

    Look for the one called "setup.exe" (Note, sometimes its "install.exe" or "nameOfGame.exe")

    $cedega setup.exe

    This should bring up the installer. Install it like you would in windows.

    This is where cedega starts working magic: It fools the game into thinking that the directory created when you installed cedega called "C Drive" is the windows "C:\" and installs the game there.

    Once installation is complete, cd into the directory created by the installation.


    $cd /home/bill/TransGaming_Drive/'C Drive'/'Name of Game Directory'

    (Hint, sometimes you need to go into the 'program files' or 'games' subdirectory too!)

    then execute the executable like so:

    $cegeda game.exe

    And start kicking ass. Or whatever it is the game expects you to do!

    Hope that helps.

    PS- I hope you didn't do Point2Play, because IMHO it sucks. If you did, I'm sorry but the above tutorial will be pretty much completely useless to you...

    Good Luck!

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    This is only for the Binary and the free version, do you have the free version?

    ^ Gives you everything, you dont even need to DL Cedega, follow the instructions and it will do it for you.^

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