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    can Condition Zero(CS) be runned on a LInux Platform

    i am FC3 user n CS lover i wanna play CS on linux becoz i love working with linux.Whenever i have to play CS i have to reboot n get to Xp to play.
    Can any help me .I have tried wine. doesnt worked out.

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    wine does work, its quite simple...


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    Quote Originally Posted by a12ctic
    wine does work, its quite simple...

    lol... wine works just fine ...that is if u can actualy get it to work, that is the question, better doc's and suuch would help!
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    Try Cedega!!!

    I am amazed (started playing Condition Zero yesterday) on how fast it runs under Linux and how easy to install, configure and play it is! Cedega rocks, it costs only a few dollars (5 a month) and it works with all major games. Go to and subscribe!

    Now, excuse me, I have to go back to play.

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    cedega is prety usless, i find wine much more usful, and beter, cedega's direct x part is VERY usful, other than that i dont like it... i could emulate most of my games with wine, the problem was my ati card :-/

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    The major improvement that cedega brought was that is directed to games, when a new game arrives, it is tested and if any modifications are needed for it to run, its implemented. DirectX is important, I could say that ALL games use it, but that's not true, only 99% do...

    You can run most Win apps with wine, winex and all, but the fact is that new games have new features implemented in new versions of DirectX and wine just don't follow it. Cedega does. I'm just standing for it as I use it and have used wine before, I could play the games, that's true, but the audio and video support is weak compared to Cedega and its DirectX "port".

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