When install the linux resource files and client binaries from bioware's site, everything works perfectly (even sound). It also works when I patch to 1.66.

The problem I run into is that when I try to install Hordes of the Underdark (this also includes the first expansion), the client runs correctly but with no sound. All the sound options are grayed out and the selection box in advanced options is empty. I have no idea why this would happen.

I am running Fedora Core 4 and I have an nVidia AC97 sound card onboard. I do not believe that compatibility with the system OR the card is an issue because it worked without the expansions.

One theory is that the zip files I am using for the expansion are somehow different because they come off of the Neverwinter Nights Platinum DVD (not mentioned on their site). I installed by the following steps:

Extract linux 1.29 resources
Extract linux 1.29 binaries
Unzip expansion packs (data, language, language update)
Extract Hordes of the Underdark binaries (v1.61)

Whether I patch hotu to 1.66 or leave it at 1.61 still produces a broken installation.

Here is an sh file detailing my install procedure (all files are present). It's a very very unintelligent installer (I'd have made it more robust if I knew how to write shell scripts):
#Neverwinter Nights setup script
#Benjamin Kwiecien
#July 2, 2005

#Using game resource files, this scrip updates to version 1.66 and
#installed the Hordes of the Underdark expansion pack, using the update
#zips found on the Neverwinter Nights Platinum DVD.
#Assumes all necessary files are in the local directory

echo Installing Neverwinter Nights 1.29:
echo Extracting 1.29 main game resources...
tar -xzf nwresources129.tar.gz

echo Extracting 1.29 client binaries...
cd nwn
tar -xzf ../nwclient129.tar.gz

echo Updating to version 1.66:
echo Removing override files...
rm -f override/*
echo Applying 1.66 patch...
tar -xzf ../English_linuxclient166_orig.tar.gz

#echo Installing expansion packs:
#echo Preparing files...
#rm -f patch.key
#rm -f data/patch.bif
#rm -f override/*
#echo Unzipping shared data...
#unzip -qo ../Data_Shared.zip
#echo Unzipping language data...
#unzip -qo ../Language_data.zip
#echo Unzipping language update...
#unzip -qo ../Language_update.zip
#echo Installing expansion binaries...
#tar -xzf ../nwclienthotu.tar.gz
#echo Fixating installation...
#echo Patching to 1.66...
#rm -f override/*
#tar -xzf ../English_linuxclient166_xp2.tar.gz

echo Copying CD key\(s\)...
cp ../nwncdkey.ini .

echo Done! :-\)
The lines that are commented out are the steps that result in a broken installation. Running it as it is produces the correct (ie with sound) installation. The only file not provided by bioware is my cdkey file that I simply copied from earlier install attempts (makes my life easier).

Ways I can think of that might solve the problem: Use a different installation procedure (try doing things in a different order, add/remove steps, try substituting some files, etc), try doing a full install on Windows and then attempting the "install from a Windows installation" method, trying to get a hold of expansion zips not from the platinum edition (they are the only files used not on bioware's site).

Has anyone experienced this problem, or does anyone see something wrong with my installation procedure? I'm still working on it.[/code]