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    Neverwinter Nights Platinum DVD installation

    Originally I was going to post this as a reply to my original problem post in order to follow it up, but I decided to start a new thread because I'm providing information on a different topic as well as making a release.

    Okay, I did it! I learned some things by reading the linux forum on bioware, but even they didn't have enough information (I had to figure some stuff out for myself).

    Basically, I was installing things in the wrong order. How the sound failed, I have no idea, but I adopted a new method of installing first the game data and THEN the client binaries. As the platinum DVD's data zips contain even the necessary files for the original game (not just the expansions), the bioware linux resource file is totally unecessary.

    The instructions on their website are either unclear or note entirely correct.

    For example:

    Underdark setup implies that you must install hotu binaries before running the update. This is not true. (they must have made the 1.66 patch a whopper; it appears different than the earlier ones--more complete).

    From reading, I got the impression that the XP2 update patch would provide the necessary files for running XP1 as well. The instructions seem to state this (I did have the XP1 data files), but what they don't tell you is that the XP2 pack does NOT contain the XP1 modules necessary for running the expansion, EVEN THOUGH it does alter the to include XP1 (morons!). It appears to me that XP2 depends on XP1 (I may be wrong), so it seems like an error on their part not to include this (therefore making it the all-encompassing update they claim it is on the site). As redundant as it sounds, I had to run the 1.66 patch twice (one for each expansion). Whee!

    I'm releasing my install script here on the forums for anyone to use. If ANYONE here has the Platinum DVD or intends to buy it, PLEASE use my script and DO NOT read anything on bioware's site unless they add a specific installation entry for the Platinum DVD or they release newer patch files than the ones referenced in the script (just download the files).

    That being said, I spent ALL DAY trying to get this to work, and I did. I can't believe I wasted so much time (it almost doesn't seem worth it), but I hope I have saved somebody from the soul-sucking horror that is commercial game support on linux. I appreciate Bioware for porting it in the first place (they deserve a hug for this), but they also need to be slapped. The most that can be said for the game is that it *works* on linux, but nothing more.

    #Neverwinter Nights setup script
    #Benjamin Kwiecien
    #July 2, 2005
    #Assumes all necessary files are in the local directory--change if necessary
    echo Creating directory...
    mkdir nwn
    cd nwn
    #The following files are located in the root directory of the NWN
    #Platinum DVD
    echo Unzipping game data:
    echo "  -Shared data..."
    unzip -q ../
    echo "  -Language data... (without movies)"
    unzip -q ../ -x "*.bik"
    echo "  -Language update..."
    unzip -q ../
    #The following files are available at
    #YES, you do need BOTH the xp1 and xp2 updates.
    echo Extracting game binaries...
    echo "  -Base client"
    tar -xzf ../nwclient129.tar.gz
    echo "  -Expansion 1 update"
    rm override/*
    tar -xzf ../English_linuxclient166_xp1.tar.gz
    echo "  -Expansion 2 update"
    tar -xzf ../English_linuxclient166_xp2.tar.gz
    #Uncomment this if you've got CD keys on a file
    #echo Copying CD key\(s\)...
    #cp ../nwncdkey.ini .
    echo Done! :-\)
    Use it wisely.

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    Hey, nice work. I've been thinking of buying Platinum Edition for a while, but keep putting it off until I get a new monitor. I'll be using your script at some stage
    I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. - Pablo Picasso

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    My script is little and puny, but it would be fun to expand upon it. If there is anyone on here who knows a little about sh scripting syntax and wants to teach me some things, I'd gladly incorporate modifications.

    For example, I would have liked to have put the path to the files as a constant so that someone running the script could easily modify one value to change the whole script (such as pointing it to the mount directory of the DVD for the zip files). Also, some basic error checking would be nice (like quit on fail, since a failed operation results in a broken install anyway--it might as well halt the script instead of running the other steps and giving some users the impression that it worked).

    Those are just ideas. I think any greater levels of complexity (file scanning, list processing, etc) might be a better job for something like perl.

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