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    Help needed: Linux mp3 player net radio project

    Hi Guys,
    I am new to linux and I would like to build a old machine as a stand alone internet radio mp3/dvd player. Any sugestions on what kind of soundcard and softwear I should use?
    I should be able to come up with a way to wite a scirpt that will allow xmms to open after boot and a ir remote to control the playlist?
    This is probably to much of a project to cut my teeth on but I need to start someware and sucks doesn't begine to discribe the radio stations in my hometown.
    Thanks in advance, Tom

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    Well, Ive never really used it, but i have heard icecast is a mp3 streamer. Also, check out vlc (video lan client i think) which also streams a lot of media I beleive.

    As for hardware, well, if your going to stream it, its probably going to need to be compressed = loss of sound quality anyway, so I wouldnt think there was much need for anything special, as long as linux supports it well, so maybe a cheap soundblaster would easily do. Or even on board sound if you are really tight!

    As for the ir control - never managed it myslef but it is a dream of mine! I think there would probably a plugin for xmms remote control, have a look. I know that mplayer supports it with LIRC.

    If your using an old machine, then all of this should be easy enough to do on the command line!

    Good luck, and let us know of the raido address when your done! And dont broadcast copyright songs, or you might get sued.

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    I won't be broadcasting anything, Just listing to other people's audio streams. ( It would be easyer to just run a line from my linuxbox to the stereo in my family room. But I think it would be cool to build a old wood style console radio cabnet, but put a P2 or a AMD k7 with a wireless network card and soundblaster. It would be a novelty. -Tom

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    Amarok (the latest beta AFAIK) has great support for streaming radio and works great! As far as the IR remote, I wouldn't know, but I'm sure it could be done.

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