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Thread: DropTeam

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    Drop team is an RTS game portraing (sp?) sci fi mechanized combat. It's far from release but it looks very promising. The great news is that beside being released for Winblows and Mac it will also work on Linux. The game is set in an anarchic (sp?) Milky Way. The dropteams are pirate teams send down to planets to capture resources etc. The AFV and other technology is manufactured by enormous Live Ships. The game will have realistic physics (you'll get to see what it's like to drive a main battle tank on a planetoid lol) and fully deformable terrain. This game will be diffrent from other RTS games because instead of tanks having health bars the damage is realistic (i.e. machinegun fire will not eventually destroy a tank). Unfortunately there will be no infantry in the first release. What do you guys think?

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