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    Does Halo Run in Linux?

    It would be cool if It did
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    I'm pretty sure the answer is no, and it won't work with Wine, either. I read somewhere that someone tried it with Cedega, but the textures were all goofed up and the sounds sucked big time.

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    The only way I know of to get Halo running in Linux is through some sort of emulation like Cedega, but even then you're not guaranteed it will work.

    Halo was pretty much one great big demo for Microsoft's proprietary 3D library, Direct3D. This is what makes most MS Windows games hard to run in Linux, since Direct3D is specifically designed to work only in MS Windows. I'd be very surprised if it worked.
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    i tried with WINE and it said "This game requires Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP to run". MS would never let their beloved game run on "the devil". even though he trusts his entire company network to it
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    I got through the install fine, and would get startup movies and a few frames of game before it crapped out. All over the net though I see a resounding ansewr - 'No'

    Maybe frank will know better, his config seems to work for everything...

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    the answer is... no



    theres not even much about it, cedega says it has 1 out of 5 stars playability, wich i dought is enough to do anything and wine it doesnt work at all

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    What about VMware

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    I think currently VMWare speeds are too slow to facilitate any gaming other than Solitaire. But With Xen hypervising getting better when Windows is (if ever) supported we may be looking at a viable solution.

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    Cool It Workity Works /me flexes

    Hi, just moving my reply from a different thread I play halo like every day on *nix the gameplay isn't bad and i got the chat function to work finally :0)..

    i got the halo demo to work fine on my debian box, the textures suck but the sound is in synch and theres very little lag, cedega failed to install the game for me and install hung on the "creating system icons" message. so i ctrl alt esc'd the installer (which was 99% complete), opened konsole cd'd my way to ~/.cedega/halo demo/c_drive/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Halo Trial, typed cedega halo.exe and *POOF*. the chat function doesn't work in multiplayer (which pisses me off to no end, theres nothing worse than pwning some retard night after night and never being able to ridicule him) beyond that and the lame textures the gameplay is faster than win or mac.

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    microsoft doesnt think linux is the devil, they think its communism.
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