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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtomrodney
    I'm all gravy now
    Me too, installed Cedega 4.4.1, and all sorted. Found a new toy now though. Recently installed NeverWinter Nights thru portage All i needed to install it was the CD-Key!!
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    Gentoo, cedega and steam:

    I was getting the same error, about:

    Steam.exe (main exception): Win32 Attempt to read from virtual address 7471641 .....
    Yet i thought i had cedega 4.4.1 installed. Though i'm not sure which steps were necessary My fix involved also installing point2play (point2play-small-2.0.3.tgz) then unmerging cedga and merging it again. I noticed when i unmerged that the output was talking about an older version of cedega. Perhaps something from the old-version got jammed? Perhaps I was missing the latest point2play and so cedega 4.4.1 didn't successfully install?

    So, there's a variation on the fix.

    with gentoo you download the cedega .tgz files into /var/portage/distfiles/

    # emerge --usepkg transgaming-fontinstaller
    # emerge --usepkg point2play
    # emerge --unmerge cedega
    # emerge --usepkg cedega

    and then steam would run again. Reinstalling cedega and running steam lead to this warning (but it now works, which is the main thing)

    Updating TransGaming config and registry info
    WARNING: Your old config file has been moved to config.old. Any modifications you made to this file
    will have to be replaced.
    Update complete

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    "Steam.exe (main exception): Win32 StructuredException at ########: Attempt to read from virtual address 0 without appropriate access rights."

    Sweet...can anyone help me fix this for Windows?

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