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    time for a new setup...recommendations?

    i am going for a new setup...
    i want:
    dual head (i have monitors), and on one screen i want to be able to have tv input.
    so, what i need is two graphics cards, one with tv input....
    i want to be able to have pretty good res and be able to play games and watch videos in good quality.
    any recommendations for hardware? software? do i need upgraded drivers...and what is that necessary for gaming?
    (i have $120-$130 (USA) to spend)

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    You can put both monitors on one card - saves you some money. As for a TV out, I think every recent card has one, so that's no problem. Try nVidia's 6600 series.
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    Do you mean tv input as in Telivison on your monitor? Or as in your computer on your tv?

    If you wan't cable on your tv you can use a video capture card. Which there are quite a few for linux. If you want to output your monitor to your tv, I think almost every card comes with SVideo out. If you wan't your tv to be displayed on your monitor, I think there is a way, but i'm not to sure about it.

    Like said above, you might just want to stick with one card. and the 6600 series are the ones to check out.

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    tuxxman, my Geforce FX5200 and WinTV Primio FM work a treat together (as you know) Though ideally, i'd go for a bit better graphics card.
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