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    WineX is the old name of Cedega. Based on DirectX, which Cedega supports.

    Again, the barriers to gaming are that most games are available for Windows only. To run such games, you would need a Windows compatibility layer (provided by Wine), but also access to the proprietary DirectX and other libraries. Cedega allows the latter (it's simply an extension of Wine).

    Some games are made natively for Linux as well: Neverwinter Nights and Doom3 are good examples. These run exactly the same on every distro.

    The only differences between distros are default package installation, the installation process, and the package manager. One cannot create a gaming distro.

    Again, if you want to play all games (especially new ones), you're best off dual-booting with Windows. Nothing shameful about that, and it's quite safe and secure if you don't do anything stupid.

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    That's okay I use windows all the time, I use linux as well

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    Tribes 2 uses OpenGL if you like it.

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    First off - Windows (XP) does not crash on bleeding edge hardware and if it is used correctly and safely.

    Secondly - Cedega is a useful program that will play a handful of Windows games, some games it will get picky on though.

    Thirdly - Cedega can be free technically, you just need to compile it yourself, the link can be found here

    And lastly - there is no such thing as a gaming distro although some will swear that SuSE, Mandrake, or Gentoo are. This is false, it is what you make of it. On the other hand, something like SuSE will automatically load your video drivers for you which is a plus.

    In conclusion... just use Windows for gaming
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    Refer to George Harrison's post. ftw

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    Quote Originally Posted by rsmaniak
    Morphix also had a "gaming distro," that is a Debian based live cd with a lot of Linux games on it. No Cedega or Wine though. See the bottom of this page.

    For the record, I play Starcraft, Half-Life and its mods including Team Fortresss online and Trespasser. Under Cedega, all work as close to perfect as I could have ever imagined.
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    I just windows to play games

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    the thing is that i want to use swap for xtra RAM cause my box isnt that great... mega lag on CS

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    What machine do you actually have?

    And what video card?

    Just use any distro, with cedega, compiled by yourself, and a light wm, or no wm.

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