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    Game Instalation Error

    I installed Wine on a FC4 box and in trying to install Steam (the game client) it came up with this error:

    Steam.exe (main exception): Win32
    StructureException at F1F05E0: Attempt to read
    from virtual address 98598687 without appropriate access rights.

    Any help?

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    Try using winex, it is adopted for gaming and video and has better DirectX support.

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    Ok, thanks.

    I tried looking for Winex but couldn't find any decnet results, I checked the almighty google and many torrents and I couldn't find any rpms for it.

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    It's on

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    Awesome thanks.

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    hey, wasn't sure if you've actually used Winex in detail, but goig through the installation process, I've found a few problems:

    (here is the install set up) - being for Steam the game client.

    Where the game is to be installed - /user/local/games/ - Steam (I'm guessing?)

    Location of installation .exe - /home/useri/Desktop/SteamInstall.exe

    Location of .exe - /home/user/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Valve/Steam/Steam.exe

    Name of Script - that I do not know.

    Name of game - Steam

    I do not know if on the first prompt, for the game loaction, if I am to put in a new folder 'steam' as well as for teh script name, if you could review these results, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks again.

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    I've never used WineX, but I use Cedega (WineX's new name), and I can't recognize at all what you're doing...

    What I do to install something is just, through the CLI:
    cedega install.exe
    That will run the installation normally, and the "C drive" is actually ~/.transgaming/c_drive. So it just installs itself.

    Try something like that (using "winex" instead, obviously).

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